Facial Care in 3 Steps:

Step 1 - Cleanse and Exfoliate.
Cleansing is designed to remove impurities, bring skin to healthy balance, refine pores and add antioxidants. That's why our cleaners are created using only the finest wild-crafted or certified organic herbs and grains, and are formulated specifically by skin type.

Gentle exfoliation can be done daily with our line of cleansing grains and up to several times a week with our enzyme activated, deep cleansing exfoliating papaya masks.  Speed the process of skin renewal by sloughing off dead skin cells, revealing the healthier, younger skin beneath.

Step 2 - Tone.
Toner prepares skin to take a moisturizer (it helps makes your moisturizer work more effectively), is anti-inflammatory and designed to soothe, balance and further aid in the healthy balance of skin.  Our facial toners refine skin, tone enlarged pores, and remove product residue and excess oil without leaving skin feeling parched or tight.

Step 3 - Moisturize.
Moisturizers are the final, critical step - they protect skin from environmental pollutants, lock moisture into skin, encourage tissue regeneration and promote healthy aging. Our moisturizers rehydrate and replenish the skin with formulas created from essential oils and organic ingredients selected specifically by skin type. Create a natural balance of healthy hydration for smoother, softer, fresher skin, by supplying essential nutrients to help regenerate and nourish your skin's protective barrier.