Skin Care

Cleansing Grains & Mask - Revitalizing Oat

Deeply purifying, soothing and rich in Vitamin E, this mask powerfully firms and tones skin as well as, or better than clay. We chose oats for their ability to draw out impurities without drying skin, as well as for their natural ability to gently even skin tones while softening skin. Designed for all skin types, this mask is especially wonderful for troubled skin, as it accelerates healing and diminishes blemish discoloration.

This is a dry powder concentrate. Combine with water or yogurt (soy or dairy), sour cream, buttermilk, Sensuous Beauty Honey Cleanser or any of our other masks or cleansers.

 3.3 wt. oz.

Ingredients: freshly milled organic oat flour and pure, organic essential oils of lavender and sweet orange.

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