Skin Care

Exfoliating Mask - Blueberry Papaya

This is the best exfoliating mask we have ever used and we've tried a lot of them! Using powerful enzyme activity, this transforming mask may tingle during use. It gently creates skin that is smooth, refined, clear, supple and radiant. Available in concentrate form, Blueberry Papaya adds organic blueberries to our original formula for an extra anti-oxidant rich boost. For all skin types.

This is a powdered concentrate that needs to be mixed with yogurt (soy or dairy). Great when combined with our Honey Cleanser or any of our other masks or cleansers. Very effective, only a dime-sized amount is required per use.

1.25 wt. oz.

Ingredients: pure, wildgrown non-GMO green papaya and organic blueberries

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