About Sensuous Beauty

Our Mission

Sensuous Beauty's mission is to create sensual botanical formulations that inspire people to nurture themselves. We create products that are free of chemicals, synthetics and parabens, are as vital and vibrant as if they'd been made in your own kitchen, are recognized as food or plant derivatives by your skin and work in harmony with your body's natural processes. As a result, our formulations are sophisticated and effective, while remaining truly natural.

Sensuous Beauty's products are made entirely from fresh food and plant-based ingredients; many have been used in beauty and healing remedies throughout the centuries. We formulate everything "from scratch," blending all of our ingredients by hand in small batches to maintain product integrity and freshness. Absolutely no chemical or synthetic oils, fragrances or preservatives are used - and we only test on willing people. You will instantly notice the difference in the smell, feel and effectiveness of our products.

Sensuous Beauty uses only the finest wild-crafted or certified organic herbs and grains. We use high quality carrier oils and steam-distilled or organic, pure essential oils. Bottled in amber glass to assist with longevity, we preserve our products with essential oil blends and naturally occurring preservatives and antioxidants. To achieve maximum benefits, we recommend that you treat our body and skin care products no differently than your fresh food items, using them regularly and within a reasonable amount of time from their purchase. Your skin will thank you!

Our skin care line was originally created in 1994 by Dae Williams, the company's original founder and a licensed esthetician, after years of using her concoctions on family and friends and finding the results more beneficial than any of the professional products available. A desire to provide additional products of the same caliber as the original skin care line led to a collaboration with local herbalists and the innovative creation of body, pleasure and men's care products, as well as an ever expanding skin care line. Our name reflects our belief that beauty arises through sensuality - an engagement of the senses. Each day offers us the chance to nurture and tend to ourselves. It is in the spirit of this belief that we offer our products as a way to incorporate beauty and sensuality into an everyday self-care ritual that is full of natural vibrancy and free of chemicals. We strive to provide you with products that are effective, safe, nurturing and sensually inspiring. Pleasure Heals!™