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Breast Balm Sampler - Rose & Violet

Great for supporting breast health, regular use is the optimal way to be familiar with your breasts and their changes during all the phases of your cycle. Massage daily to help detoxify and nurture breast tissue. Love your breasts!

We use a silky blend of sweet almond oil and organic sunflower infused with wildcrafted Lady's Mantle flowers, beeswax and essential oils to tone and rejuvenate breasts. As an added bonus, this is a great balm to use on sensitive facial skin (fine lines and around eyes). Ladies Mantle is meant to aid with peptides and collagen production as well as having toning properties. 

Rose essential oil helps increase blood flow, which is great for lymphatic stimulation.

Violet flowers are high in salicylic acid (found in aspirin), as well as rich in Vitamins A & C. Good for tender breasts, used medicinally for reducing bruising and in breast cancer treatment. 

 1.25 fl. oz. of each Blossoming Rose and Voluptuous Violet

Blossoming Rose Ingredients: sweet almond oil, wildcrafted Lady's Mantle infusion, beeswax, vitamin E, pure essential oils of rose geranium, organic Bulgarian rose otto and organic labdanum.

Voluptuous Violet Ingredients: sweet almond oil, sunflower oil*, grape seed oil*, lady's mantles*, violets*, burdock*, figwort*, poke root*, beeswax, vitamin E, our Violet Blend of pure essential oils & flower essences. *Organic

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