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Body & Massage Lotion - Enchanted Amber

Formulated with a special blend of oils, butters and pure essential oils to hydrate and soothe the skin, our Sensual Body & Massage Lotions are ideal for those who like a rich daily body moisturizer. An excellent choice for massage, our Lotions provide a great, slippery glide. Thanks to the pure essential oils and resins, using our Lotion is also an easy way to exude an alluring personal scent. 

Enchanted Amber is a deep, vanilla-citrus blend that is warm and comforting.

To use: For moisturizing, apply sparingly to body, ideally after bath or shower. For massage, apply to body as needed.

Ingredients: Organic sunflower oil, distilled water, cocoa butter, beeswax, Vitamin E oil and our Enchanted Amber blend of pure essential oils and resins.

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